Yessss! X3 We have fireflies here at Mums, which is really cool! :D We havent seen fireflies since like last year or the year before at the summer home. ewe

Im going to be meeting Pink in a few weeks too, which is going to be amazing! ;u; I leave on the fourth, and get back on the seventh. uvu Alice is going to be down here from the first to the fourth too, so Im going to get to see her and Pink this summer! :D Im really looking forward to it, aha. ^-^

The family day for Dads work is tomorrow too, so thatll be a lot of fun, and Dads coming to pick Melissa and I up at like eight thirty tomorrow morning, so I should probably try to get to sleep somewhat earlier than last night. xD It was like eleven thirty by the time I got to sleep last night, and I was really tired this morning, so Im going to try to get to sleep pretty soon after we finish watching this episode of Glee. .3.

Anyway, its after ten PM, and Im still watching Glee with Mum and Melissa, so Im going to get off for tonight. 030

Ill be on again tomorrow! ^^ Ill try to get more written here then. uvu

Good night guys! :3