Mianshaozhuanji indispensable electronic batching machine

Quality wheat only through continuous process in order to make the principle of high-quality flour, flour like brick, are from one of the group members assembled last Mianshaozhuanji quality. The quality of brick is not determined according to the surface, a good machine is composed of various components of the formation of high-quality, indispensable and brick in electronic batching of course, require high quality. Really good equipment, good equipment is not only to Small concrete Mixer Germany manufacturers be good hosts, so avoid burning brick is really good, Keda avoid burning brick of electronic batching machine in the production process, can the massive, granular like materials from silos in uniform, regular, continuous feeding device to go into the subject, it has a smooth vibrating, reliable operation, long life, while Keda avoid burning brick batching machine can adjust the excitation force, It may be subject to change and control the flow, convenient adjustment and stability; vibration motor as vibration source, low noise, small power consumption. Regulation performance, no red material phenomenon, simple structure, reliable operation, easy to adjust installation, light weight, small size, easy maintenance, to prevent dust pollution when using the closed structure of the fuselage.

Hydraulic brick machine offer Features:

1, the device is a hydraulic cement brick machine;
2, to achieve a number of bricks once molding, to reduce power and labor costs;
3, carry plate, the plate, aggregate, fabric, vibration automation;
4, one of several pieces of the mold as a whole, to achieve a centralized palletizing handling, improve production efficiency;
5. The mold can be changed, convenient, fast, reduce noise and achieve diversification of one machine;
6, the model used by only 10 concrete mixer pump machine price turnover plate, pressing machine pavement brick wall can be wet stacking.
The main technical parameters:
1, forming the design speed: 20-25 seconds / second (with product specifications related)
2, each forming blocks: 4 (390x190x190mm)
3,8 hours Yield: 67 m3 / shift
4, shock shock force: 68KN
5, vibration frequency: 5000 times / min
6, amplitude: 15mm
7, the maximum pressure: 10MPa
8, the product maximum size: 995x400mm
9, capacity: 18.45KW
10, Weight: 6115Kg
11, Dimensions: 1720x1360x2480mm